Love & Relationships

heal YOUR HISTORY & light up YOUR LOVE

in this

3-part self-paced series


Improve love
& sex

Manifest money
& financial

Discover & live
your purpose

Connect with
community &
change the

Clear stress &

Get consistent


Heal what’s kept you from true LOVE

Recover from past relationships

Detox negative thoughts & feelings

Connect your SOUL to your sex

Rejuvenate with Oxytocin

Manifest Divine partnership


Emotional Freedom Techniques is a natural, non-invasive, self-healing modality that uses gentle tapping of your own fingers on specific points along your upper body.

Using EFT can naturally and quickly help you heal your history so you can have (and maintain) the healthy relationships you desire.

Single or partnered, this 3-part EFT series will open and rejuvenate your heart so loving is easier.

You’ll complete this series with an enhanced ability to attract, give and receive more LOVE!


$80 USD

Sonya Sophia

Master EFT Practitioner &
Founder of The World Tapping Circle

Sonya Sophia is an expert in the field of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), AKA Tapping. She has over 30 years of experience in the healing arts working with people from below the poverty line to some of the world’s most famous and influential families. 

She is the founder and CEO of The Sophia School of Living Arts, which provides EFT Practitioner Training and hosts topic-specific EFT workshops to a global and diverse community. Her curriculum incorporates EFT, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, ecstatic dance and other self-healing modalities to help people heal deeply and permanently.

Sonya Sophia put her unique genius to work, helping people become more emotionally resilient, juiced up, aligned and radically self-empowered, by creating The World Tapping Circle — a weekly live EFT broadcast and extensive video library. 

A teacher at Burning Man since 2008, thousands flock annually to Sonya Sophia’s EFT workshops. She's led over 35,000 people in her festival appearances and workshops in the US, England, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada, Estonia, India and Sweden.

She’s featured in 2 motion pictures: Femme - Women Healing the World (2011) starring Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, and Marianne Williamson, and The Goddess Project (2015).  

Sonya Sophia co-hosts the popular iTunes podcast, “Positive Head,” which has over 250,000 listeners.  She’s been a luminary for India’s “Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences Conference,” London’s “Gathering of Minds,” L.A.’s “International Alchemy Conference,” the “Leaders Causing Leaders Conference” and the “Conscious Life Expo.” 

"I'm here to facilitate healing for humanity, creating a happier, healthier world for us all." - Sonya Sophia

Because of EFT, I have space in my life FOR MYSELF and true friends who offer me authentic, grounded love & support. NOW I stand in a space of uncompromising self-respect & self-love! 

This online series is entirely self-paced.
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Enjoy lifetime access to all 3 video workshops — move through (solo or with your partner) at your own speed.

Love & Relationships
$80 USD


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