Sonya Sophia

Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques & Experience EFT Tapping with Sonya Sophia

 Sonya Sophia pioneered a potent way to facilitate EFT. Whether for 1 person or a group of 1,000, her method is accessible and instantly life changing.

Sonya Sophia has practiced EFT for nearly 20 years.

Join a live workshop, or attend an event or training with Sonya Sophia to learn how to safely feel and process emotions, take your energy back and manifest your dreams into reality.

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“Tapping with Sonya changed my life in practically every way possible.

I was unsure of what to expect, and really there is no way now, as I sit and write this, to describe everything that the experience was.

It was singular, completely unique. Profound.

Sonya’s presence, her endless commitment to everyone there, and her exquisitely expressed love, steadfastly maintained, was the ultimate gift.

Tapping with Sonya is the best adventure for individuals who are ready to take the wild, at times challenging, and ultimately beautiful deep dive into their own humanity to return to their lovers, family, friends, and world ready to reflect that humanity back for the good of all.”

Vanessa, California