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Watch: What You Need to Know About Tapping
by Sonya Sophia, Master EFT Practitioner

Chokyi, Florida

“I feel immensely blessed to be a part of this (your) vision and to share the LOVE!! I feel our ripples going OUT!!!!!”

Christine, Australia

“I know your vision. I have the same. It is wonderful to know I am part of ‘the revolution!'”

C, Wisconsin

“That was FIRE, Sonya!!! Thank you!”

Gaile, Hawaii

“Experiencing kickass clarity and inspiration and rejuvination! Shifts in perception! I yawned it all out! :-)”

A, Texas

“I feel like a weight been lifted from my shoulders, and that I’m able to spread my wings with much less effort.”

H, Tennessee

“Wow! Amazing and unexpected connections…intense emotions moving out. Thank you, Sonya!”

E, Texas

“Wow, emotionally better and my sore throat is gone!”

Chokyi, Florida

“Self-Care = Self-Love = Boundless Love for Others!! Bodhicitta abounds in my heart every time I connect with your radiance and the sparkle in your eyes, Sonya! Thank you, Dear Angel!”

Jennifer, Australia

“This has been a most wonderful few days, I am absolutely amazed at the transformational energy I am experiencing each day. You have given me a key of knowledge that will stay with me now for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to share with others so that they too can experience the empowering effects of EFT! My gratitude is soaring!!

M, Texas

“Thank you Sonya, thank you team, and everyone joining in tonight💗 This tap was so resonant and important for me to finally process – Yes!”

M, Arizona

“That was very deep work. I am so grateful I found 10,000 Tapping! Thank you for all you do! ~ Namaste”

E, Texas

“LOVE the video library! I always find just the right thing to help me!”

G, California

“This is Making My POSTURE BETTER… Not Slouching!”

E, California

“This is the first time I felt in my body the positive feeling that is connected to my desire, how I can use my prosperity to help create more connection in the world. Thank you!!”

J, Australia

“Wow this is amazing—I sincerely can feel the healing, my body is feeling nurtured, and I’m seeing my world with a different lenses so to speak, i just don’t feel afraid anymore. Thank you so much 💖💖💖💖💖”

G, California

This session made me want to dance… and I did! First time in years… Thanks!!

S, Germany

“I thank you with all of my heart for this beautiful circle that you created, for all the effort and love that you put into it, and for the healing you facilitate. This is so beautiful knowing that we all heal together. Sending you lots of love, appreciation, and gratitude for the wonderful energy that is created by you leading and us following.”

M, Netherlands

“Today was my first day of tapping, with Love and Relationships! And I was able to go my core! It was amazing! And now I feel so much lighter!! As there has been taken / tapping an enormous load if me and my ancestors and my family! I even re-found 2 lost soulmates of mine!! Thank you.”

M, B.C. Canada

“The program was awesome…I laughed, cried, giggled, wowed… Sonya has a different tapping regime than I have ever done over the years, and I love her way!”

N, Australia

“I feel I have come through a pond of sludge and now I am showered and clean. It’s like having a painful tooth removed and I cannot thank you enough. I would not have done this without your support.”

S, Canada

“Thank you so much for this. I’ve done EFT for several years – originally followed Gary Graig’s videos. I love the way you articulate issues, feelings, etc. and also your strong presence is very cathartic. I’ve been wanting to join the Tapping Circle for ages!”

E, Arkansas

“This is a wonderful addition and assistance to life for all of us.”

K, U.S.

“I was introduced to EFT by a few people. It didn’t work much, so I was a bit hesitant about this challenge, but I’m so glad I joined! Had one of the most profound experiences, had many downloads, and was able to drop a lot of emotional baggage just on Day 1! Loved the way Sonya Sophia is leading it and the energy she holds. Highly recommend this for everyone!”

P, Michigan

“Thank you so much! I have moved so much energy the last few sessions.”

L, Illinois

“I listened to yesterday’s tap session this morning and had the best day today that I have had in a very long time. You are a blessing!!!”

S, Virginia

“This has been such a blessing, thank you so much for this beautiful healing. 💜🙏🏼💜”

L, Arizona

You have given us the opportunity to tap into our own knowledge and wisdom of who we are that we have merely forgotten.”

C, Florida

Love you so much! Thank you soo much!!! This has been life changing. Really, no words. Thank you, thank you.”

S, Kansas

This is better than therapy (and I’m a therapist, lol)”

J, Michigan

Seven taps in a row tapping with you, it’s made a tremendous difference in my life already.”



For those who can help support Circle

$19/month access to weekly live Circle + 24/7 video library

Autopay ease — cancel anytime

(VALUE: $99)