How to Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt — Heal Breakups with EFT

by | Aug 15, 2019

Do you know how to hold your heart after a breakup? How can you love anyone afterward like you’ve never been hurt? EFT found me when my heart was its most broken — and it guided me to permanent healing in 4 hours.

If your heart needs healing, read this. Plus, I have a mini Tapping video and a podcast episode that’ll put you on the road to recovery, FAST.

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The longing for true intimacy. The need to be seen, known, touched and loved.

These needs are as real as the need to eat, yet we tend to settle for less, minimize them or ignore them altogether. 

Maybe you’ve concluded that it’s just not in the cards for us this time around. You tell yourself that you tried your best and it just didn’t work out, or that the good ones are already taken. “I’m fine, I have my dog,” you say, or “I don’t want to be hurt like that again.” 

Perhaps you believe it’s not even possible to feel open to love until you lose weight, make more money or have more time. 

“I’ll be ready when…”

“I’ll be lovable when…”

When you go down that road, you’ll find that the list is endless and the goals to be ready for love are forever just out of reach! 

We all have reasons to avoid intimacy. But the truth is that most of them have to do with what we experienced in our past relationships.

These fears aren’t just you holding a grudge.

The past is literally still imprinted in your body and brain! The body REMEMBERS; your heart has brain cells in it! 

But what do you do when you long for love, but you still freak out when someone offers you love? 

Letting your brain run toxic images from the past actually sabotages your current and future relationships – a lot! We’ve all done it, but how do you clear the memory banks and give love a fresh start? 

Can you really delete the emotional imprints and scars from your past relationships out of your brain?

Modern energy psychology says yes. We now have a tool that makes it possible for everyone to do exactly this. Enter — Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

EFT, commonly called ‘Tapping,” is a gentle and highly efficient somatic approach to clearing emotional baggage in record time, leaving you feeling calm, alive and emotionally purified.

eft tapping tips blog post woman laying on floor yoga breathing
eft tapping tips blog post woman laying on floor yoga breathing


Emotional Freedom Techniques is a self-healing modality that combines aspects of Chinese medicine and modern psychology with empathy and self-acceptance.  

EFT literally rewires your brain’s responses to memories, people, places and events. You can actually reprogram your emotional response in a short period.

Tapping changes the neural pathways in the brain and thus the physical responses of your body.

In other words, the tense shoulders or angry thoughts that pop up when you see a car just like the one your ex drove…or the sudden sad feelings that arise when you hear “your love song” playing can be changed. 

Yes, all of your physical, mental and emotional reactions can be completely cleared. You can be free of the heartbreak, and feel like yourself again! 

Healing relationship trauma is what brought me to EFT in the first place. 

In 1 session (my very first experience with Tapping), I healed intense trauma from a past relationship that I was convinced would take me at least a year to recover from. After 4 hours of Tapping time, the pain and trauma of dating a stalker were GONE. 

Tapping gives you a way to actually finish processing stored stress and emotional residue quickly.

And NO, it’s not too late.

You can learn to release the baggage and clear experiences are impacting your love life, no matter how long it’s been there. A heart not able to love feels safe, yet SAD.  

How would you love if you KNEW you could clean up emotional residue from past dates, past sexual encounters, even past marriages? 

You can build a wiser AND more open heart. You don’t have to keep yourself or your relationships trapped in the past just because you learned some things the hard way!  

Ready to give it a try EFT? Tap along with me in this mini Tap below, “The Art of Receiving Love.” It’ll give you a preview of what it’s like to drop your fears, forgive yourself and open your heart.


Now, take a moment to ask yourself these 2 questions, and listen to what comes through:

  1. How long am I willing to continue to suffer over what happened? 
  1. How would it enhance my love life to clearly communicate my needs, feelings and desires?

Hanging on to what happened may seem like it’s protecting you, but it isn’t. It can’t. 

Think about it — has your heart felt sad or upset even once since the relationship ended?

Then your protective mechanism isn’t working. It’s time to come up with a new plan. Let’s open up to the possibility that you ARE worthy of unconditional love and acceptance. 

Sure, healing your heart takes time. But it doesn’t have to take forever. Knowing how and when to Tap will help you bounce back BETTER, KINDER and CLEARER than ever! 

If you still get upset when you run into or hear about your former lover, you now have a way to not only cope but feel permanently at ease! 

So, how do you learn to love like you’ve never been hurt?

Apply more love.

Tap into loving yourself, loving your past and loving your upbringing.

Tapping teaches you how to unconditionally accept your feelings, let go and forgive what happened. I’m talking about learning how to practice GENUINE self-love. 

Love is the answer.

Your heart’s liberation comes when you learn to apply love to yourself. EFT is essentially a way to baby step yourself into love again. It’s a way to help yourself generate peace so that true, healthy love can open its arms to you — as you’ve always wanted and deserved. 

Come, let me show you how to love like you’ve never been hurt. It’s time for your heart to heal. It’s possible; trust me, I’ve done it. 

EFT is the physical practice of deep self-love. It’s the magic of neuroscience mixed with an embodied meditation that you can feel working immediately. 


Now, let me show you how to Tap so you can get on sharing that magnificent heart of yours. 

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If you’re recovering from a relationship, or you’re learning about balancing your own needs while taking care of others, I have a Positive Head podcast episode that will help you out!

During this interview, I share a profound revelation I had during a plant medicine ceremony about “giving our hearts away” — why we do it, and why it doesn’t work. 

This episode concludes with a seriously good Tap (which starts at 22:44) for getting your energy back from former partners and being able to love again with your WHOLE HEART.

Did this podcast episode help you see something in a different light? I’d love to hear your takeaway in the comments below — it’ll help me know what helps your heart, so I can give you more of it!

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