For over 25 years, EFT Tapping has been researched in 10+ countries, by 60+ investigators, and in 20+ universities, including Harvard Medical School. Results have been published in 100+ papers within 20+ peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. 

Here are a few of those studies.

1. Journal of Clinical Psychology: phobias of small animals

2. APA Journals Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training and Review of General Psychology: addiction treatment

3. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (oldest psychiatric journal in North America): stress biochemistry

4. University of California, Berkeley: Thought Field Therapy (predecessor of EFT) and PTSD

5. Texas A&M University: long-term psychological symptoms

6. JFK University, California: bodymind healing

7. Staffordshire University, UK: anxiety and academic performance, presentation expression anxiety syndrome (PEAS), and anxiety in university student studying sports science

8. Lund University, Sweden: fibromyalgia

9. Ankara University, Turkey: stress management

10. Lister Hospital, England: anxiety in dental patients, and PTSD in military veterans

11. Cesar Vallejo University, Peru: recovery for abused adolescents

12. Griffith University, Australia: food cravings

13. Santo Tomas University, Philippines: depression in college students