How EFT Tapping Gives You the Ability to Manifest Anything

by | Jun 27, 2019

If you found a genie, what would you wish for? Probably your biggest, wildest dream. With EFT, you are your own genie. I’ve seen it manifest miracles for people, and I’ve included a 60-minute Tapping video to help you manifest anything — because I wish to manifest peace on Earth.

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It’s easy to declare your biggest dreams when all the magical genie has to do is snap their fingers and make it so. All you have to do is make a wish and receive it.

No effort, instant reward.

But in real life, we aren’t handed a magic lamp. We’re the ones who have to grant our own wishes. So, we either give it a try and endure struggle, or we tuck our dreams away for another lifetime (and still struggle).

When it comes to manifesting dreams, there is a reason why few people choose to really GO FOR IT! 

Because the second we entertain the idea, fear steps onto the stage and grabs us! 

Choosing to go after the things we want most means choosing to move through all of the hurdles we’ve been avoiding. 

Every doubt that contradicts our dream comes up to be healed.

  • Fear that we’re not good enough
  • Fear of being unworthy
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what others will think
  • Worry of how much work it will be
  • Fear of how long it will take
  • Fear of learning new skills
  • Fear it won’t last

If you want to bring your inspired vision into reality, first you must clear out this list so it doesn’t stop you from trying.

I say this from decades of experience.

In 2005, I had a dream to become a successful healer — to really help people, and to support myself solely from this work. I achieved it by 2008, thanks to EFT. 

Thanks to EFT, I could eat all of the sushi I wanted, take care of my daughter, and still pay my rent. (More about what EFT is at the end). 

Then, in 2010, my dream was to teach and lead trainings nationally and internationally. To do this, I had to learn how to maintain a website, schedule clients, lead workshops, and host retreats in foreign countries. I achieved this by 2011.

Fast forward to 2019. Now, my dream is to create peace on Earth. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Guess what? The same list I’ve written above had to be Tapped through while manifesting each of these dreams.

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I have a dream to see people loving each other, respecting themselves, and taking care of each other and the planet while protecting and nurturing children and animals.

Within my lifetime, I want to see the effects of generations of abuse come to an end and be replaced with a connected, healthy, sustainable way of living in harmony.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  My hope is that you will join me for the live broadcast of The World Tapping Circle (which I created to help you power up) and make use of the vast video library (updated every week with a fresh Tap) to help you manifest your part of peace on Earth. 

Okay, now back to what I was saying about how to make things manifest. 

To achieve each level of my vision, I used the secret power of EFT Tapping to move through pain, fear, limitations, and issues. I’m constantly learning and growing (of course, some days are easier than others). But every day I choose to show up, do my best, and nurture my mind with the empathy that EFT brings. (More on the power of empathy later…)

I know, as each one of us chooses to really go for it, the world at large is transformed radically and rapidly.

I’ve seen what happens when people who Tap choose to go for it. When we go for it, and we use EFT to blast through blockages, we get results surprisingly fast and even things turn out even better than we’ve imagined. 

I’ve seen an aerial artist use EFT to fundraise and create epic events at Burning Man.

I’ve seen marriages that were on the rocks turn around to become happy, satisfying, and stable.

I’ve seen a young activist start a non-profit and get put in charge of millions of dollars to protect the environment.

I’ve seen a young woman, unsure of her voice before Tapping, put out life-changing albums and become a star.

These people were just like you. The only difference is they followed this advice and used EFT Tapping to excavate family patterns and emotional pain from their nervous systems.

The reason why these people were able to manifest their dreams is that Tapping released the fear and gave them back their energy.

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Yes, it was challenging. Tears were shed. Yes, it took a little time and some good, solid Tapping support. But they got there, and they’re still going strong. 

They’re changing lives because they changed their minds.

In the world of manifesting, so many people tell you to focus only on the good stuff; to stay positive; to think it, and it will be. As appealing as that sounds, it comes with major roadblocks. In focusing solely on the good and exciting, they’re actually ignoring their fears and insecurities, which may subconsciously be acted out behind the scenes. 

Stepping over your fears does not make them go away. It just makes you drag them along with you — they’re still holding you back and can sabotage your success.

Say, for example, you get up the nerve to write a business plan and someone decides to invest in your idea. But subconsciously, you feel like a fraud. Instantly, you feel overwhelmed by the next steps. You may begin procrastinating and numbing all of the fears that come up by distracting yourself on social media or self-medicating — instead of actively engaging with what needs to be done next. 

If this continues, your subconscious fear of failure wins.

Until the limiting beliefs imprinted in the subconscious have met empathy, they will continue to sabotage even your most valiant attempts. 

It’s like trying to hike up a mountain with a backpack full of boulders. You can use your will to force yourself to move, but eventually, the weight will wear you down and wear you out. You’ll wind up convincing yourself that you are weak and not up to snuff.

So, how do you put down the backpack?

Before we discard anything permanently, we must examine what it is and if it’s useful. This is where Tapping comes in handy. 

In EFT, we first ask ourselves what fears and limiting beliefs are holding us back. The mind won’t let go of something that it doesn’t understand. So, we take a look and then ask ourselves where we picked up these thoughts, fears, and feelings. Next, we decide if we want to keep any of them and ask ourselves if they’re still useful. Many people are surprised to find that they are holding on to these old experiences and beliefs to protect themselves. Here’s where, in the Tapping process, we liberally apply empathy. This leaves you with grit and renewed energy.

The secret to bringing your dreams and goals into existence (and creating a new reality) is to use love and acceptance to witness and rewire your mind and body. As you do this, you dissolve every limiting belief or fear that has been whispering doubts in your ear. 

Psychologist Carl Jung told us that every human has a shadow side. This shadow can hold massive power over our lives until we do our inner work and move through it. 

Turning toward our shadow (which is comprised of unhealed old stories and the historical past), as you beam the light of empathy on it…fear loses its power over you. The past loses its power over you. Your parents lose their power over you. And so does the trauma, abuse, and cultural conditioning that each of us carries…until we don’t.

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If you’re operating with old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, it’s not your fault.

You learned how to protect yourself and cope in a difficult environment. These coping strategies developed when we were being raised by people who were using their own coping strategies. 

Even when we think we’re aware of the pattern and how and why we developed it, it can still feel impossible to stop it.  

In fact, the blame-shame game that comes with the pattern can be a part of the cycle. 

Rather than helping us change the pattern or belief, blaming ourselves or others only makes us feel powerless.

The method that’s saved me from my own self-destructive patterns, more than all of the other healing modalities that I spent decades experimenting, is EFT Tapping.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a self-applied, all-natural, non-invasive, self-healing modality. EFT shows you how to use your own two hands to Tap on specific Meridian points on your body. Tapping has been scientifically researched for over two decades and has been proven to help you reprogram your mind from toxic feelings, beliefs, and habits. During Tapping, the neural networks release their bonds so you can effectively rewire thoughts, feelings, memories, and behaviors. 

EFT teaches us how to heal our minds with unconditional self-love.

To get you up and running, here’s a brief overview video on how to use Tapping and what to expect.

And to help you manifest YOUR dream, below is a sample of The World Tapping Circle (which I built to help OUR COLLECTIVE DREAM of Peace on Earth). 

“Bringing in Abundance”

Tailor the session to manifest anything you desire. May this Tap help you LOVE your vision into existence!

Peace on Earth will become our collective experience as we each continue to release the inherited insecurities within us.

So come Tap with us, and become a part of an inspired group of cultural creatives who gather online to move themselves, and the collective, forward with their love. Sign up for The World Tapping Circle.

I hope you find EFT to be the life-saver that I find it to be; I use it to deal directly with the process of making things happen with elegance and speed.

Now, just for a sec., think back to the beginning of this article (where I asked you what you’d ask the genie for) and make a wish. Then use the video above to help bring it in! 

EFT may not be as easy as asking a genie, but it’s a real-life tool that will enhance your ability to make all your dreams come true. 

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