I Married a Woman on Instagram

by | May 18, 2021

!Apparently I just got married to a woman on Instagram. I didn’t mean to become a lesbian or to get married.  I just posted a picture of myself kissing my friend on the cheek just after her exquisite wedding ceremony on instagram and suddenly was getting hundreds of people congratulating me on finding my true love!

It didn’t seem to matter that I edited the post a day later (after a friend alerted me to the fact that looked like I had just come out of the closet and married a woman) to make sure people knew that my friend Samantha married her beloved Richard and not me. People weren’t reading they were ‘hearting’ and congratulating me instead!
Interestingly enough 2 weeks later I did start dating a man I really liked and because I no longer felt my heart was truly single I decided to change my status in the ‘about” section of Facebook to reflect that. Little did I know it would post to the world that I was now  ‘In A Relationship!  ’Again I was congratulated by hundreds of friends, who were possibly now even more convinced I just married Samantha. 

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All I wanted to do was to help people heal. Now it seems I’m required to perfectly pose and post and to (humbly) strut my best self and vulnerably share (within reason) my failings and feelings on social media.
I never wanted to make the work I’m doing about me. It’s just that I happen to own the head, hands, voice and the outfits that this body comes with.
Healing what’s going on in our culture and in our heads isn’t all about me, it’s about WE. But in today’s world it seems I need to engage with the world at large via social media to help people pay attention to what I want them to understand.
I was hoping to live a private life and lob love love bombs over the fence, witnessing explosions of flowers and ripples of peace where they landed. To a  certain extent I have managed to do that by poking my head out of an RV to do my thing on stages, I have helped thousands recover emotionally.
But in the last year things have changed. I apparently I must have a more public life if want to impact society in a good way, and I do. 
It is no longer enough to post regularly on Facebook, or to host online events, to appear on summits, or even to broadcast live every week for 7 years in a row. I am also supposed to Instagram myself doing everything, and tick-tock 1 minute pearls of wisdom to keep an invisible audience engaged with what truly matters.
Last month I started a podcast, this month I’m doing free zoom classes and back to jumping on an airplane to teach at  a festival called  One Love. Why? To help redirect peoples attention to what matters.
What I do is not glamorous (although it appears to be on social media).  I call myself a sacred janitor. My job is to convince people that turning inward and clearing up their pain is a good idea.
My job is to show them how bringing love there heals it.
So I will continue to blog and broadcast from a heart that is committed to doing what it takes to help the healing of humanity. Matter how unappealing it is to take selfie’s of my personal life. 
I remind myself daily that whatever digital hoops I must jump through to stay connected, it’s worth it because, these are my people, this is my planet and we are responsible for creating heaven on earth.

I want  peace in my lifetime, on this planet in these bodies. 

I want to see love that lasts, and forgiveness that flows. 

I want to see people who are passionate, powerful, courageous and kind. 

So I will continue to write, speak and decorate the digital world with my my love until it is a safer more loving place to be.
podcast link:
zoom link: https://trainwithsonya.us/feeling-truth (online events) +  zoom classes 
festival link: http://onelovefest.com/