10 Tips to Get the Most out of EFT Tapping

by | May 8, 2019

 EFT Tapping is empowering and profoundly effective. Many use it to heal life’s deepest wounds.

However, it’s common to become confounded at first. So I’ve put together 10 tips to help you get the most out of your Tapping time so you can rock it from the very beginning.

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1. Set your space

To prepare for a Tapping session, take a moment and set up your environment for maximum privacy and comfort. 

A tidy space creates a visual sense of peace, so tidy your space however you can.

You may not always be able to do this, but the more often you set up your space beforehand, the better you’ll be able to maintain focus, be physically comfortable and feel safe.


  1. Get a paper and pen to write things down as they come up.
  2. Have a glass of water and some tissues handy (just in case).
  3. Turn off your phone and get down with yourself for some authentic, healing me-time.

2. Heal things other methods couldn’t touch

To heal anything, you must first identify what you are dissatisfied with. 

Naming it ends the pattern of denial and leads you to be able feel it and begin to heal it.

Once an issue has a name, you can better wrap your mind around which specific life incidents associated with it need the most loving attention. Remember, the secret to healing anything is love.

Name it, and RECLAIM your power!

3. Track your progress

Before you begin Tapping on an issue, ask yourself to rate the emotional intensity you’re feeling on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most intense).

It’s okay to guess at this initial number, as you may not be feeling the full impact of it right now.  If you aren’t sure, try to remember what the intensity was when you last felt it. That’s the real number you’re looking for.

Your intensity number will usually decrease as you Tap and address the underlying feelings, memories and thoughts associated with your issue. Noticing the intensity you feel in your body as you Tap also helps you tune into how the session is going. Feeling things increase or decrease gives you confidence that something is happening by Tapping.

Don’t be alarmed if the number of intensity rises temporarily before it drops; you may be defrosting the real impact of the experience. The emotional intensity will drop significantly if you gently stay with it, Tapping, breathing and accepting what you feel.

Remember, to heal it, BREATHE, TAP and FEEL it.


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4. Uncover the core cause of the issue

It’s common to not understand the real reason behind an issue. Root causes may at first seem trivial or unrelated. If you’re mad at your coworker, you may feel 100% sure it’s due to something they said or did. Yet often the core cause of your reaction may not be that person, but something they remind you of.

The issue could be rooted as deeply as patterns in your family.

Ask yourself, who in your family has similar issues or feelings? For better or worse, we may be more like our parents than we thought!

People often DUPLICATE their parents’ habits, beliefs and emotional responses, or conversely they go the OPPOSITE direction and wind up reacting as the rebel. Either way, duplication or taking the opposite path of one extreme, (for another extreme) leads to problems later on.  

When you Tap, ask yourself, “Who in my family has similar issues, attitudes or feelings?” This could help you see what happened to the innocent child you were, who simply began to mimic or rebel against what was going on in the home environment.

The task is to heal the similarities or over reactions so they don’t repeat in your life or the life of future generations.

5. Learn to authentically love and accept yourself

While Tapping, we heal the hurt by saying, “I love and accept myself.” If this phrase doesn’t feel authentic, you can say a variation to help you warm up to the idea:

  1. “Even though I can’t love and accept myself, I accept my feelings about this issue.”
  2. “I’m open to the possibility of loving and accepting myself someday.”

Use this more palatable approach until it becomes natural to genuinely say that you love and accept yourself as you are in the moment.

Remember, allow yourself to take it nice and slow. This will pave the way for authentically loving yourself in the future.

6. Manage the strong emotions that come up while Tapping

Tapping is triggering for a reason. Have you heard the adage, the only way out is through? EFT Tapping calls up what’s hurt us so we can pull it out and literally replace it with love, safety, peace and evolution.

Feeling strong emotions does not mean you should quit or avoid the cause of them; it means you need to feel them so you can release them. Keep these 3 tips in mind the next time a strong emotion comes up during a Tapping session:

  1. BREATHE deeply when Tapping, exhaling with a sigh and a relaxed, open jaw.
  2. Relax toward the feelings you’re judging or afraid of for a few seconds, instead of pulling away or bracing yourself against them.
  3. ACCEPT WHAT YOU FEEL for 30 seconds at a time.

Check the emotional intensity again after 1 minute of genuine acceptance.

If you can accept what you find and feel as you Tap, the emotional intensity will fade away quite quickly and your issue will heal.


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7. Let forgiveness free you forever

Forgiving something or someone that’s hurt you feels like the last thing you’d ever want to do. But forgiveness for someone (or yourself) does not condone or justify anything.

What forgiveness does is release the trapped, physically ailing energy, and it lifts the shame that binds you to your past. Forgiving what happened can actually save you from having to replay the same exhausting scenario again and again.

Forgiveness makes letting go truly possible.

If you don’t feel ready to forgive right now, you can practice allowing the possibility of having forgiveness happen eventually.

Offering yourself forgiveness in your life, body and relationships dissolves painful patterns that hold you down.

Forgiveness sets you free from the karmic loop!


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8. Create positive outcomes

After you’ve Tapped on an issue, it’s important to rework how that memory is stored in your body and consciousness from negative and harmful to positive and helpful.

Positive affirmations finish clearing out the negative programs while pre-programming your subconscious to create and attract a more beneficial outcome.

For example, you can Tap and say, “I am trusting myself,” “I am safe,” or “I receive love easily.”

Create positive outcomes while Tapping only after the emotional intensity has dropped to around a 4 or less (on a scale of 1-10).

Then, say several positive affirmations (for 5 minutes or so). Go slowly and be repetitive. Breathe deeply after each statement. As you Tap, try to connect with the possibility that genuinely feeling these positive statements could become true.

Through Tapping, you’re rewiring your brain! Feed it with love. It will soon get more used to this loving rewire and generate positivity faster and more easily.


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9. Release the fear of being in your power

After decades in this work, I’ve witnessed a general fear of becoming too clear, too powerful, too sexy and too alive. It sounds silly when you see it spelled out in this way, but it’s true! We must pinpoint why we fear these beautiful energies so we can shine our brightest, and the best remedy for this is to use EFT to Tap through it.

  1. Make a list of all of your “What if…” and “Yeah, but…” statements about becoming too happy, whole and awesome.
  2. List the worst-case scenarios for going to the next level in these areas and becoming more truly aligned.
  3. Use EFT to clear the charge from each of negative thought on your list.

To suddenly grow and maintain your power, you need to feel that it’s safe and okay to be there. This quick Tap will deeply empower you and help you adapt to feeling better and being more in your power (without shame or fear!).

10. At a loss for words? Try this script

EFT Tapping is an essential tool to your daily wellbeing. While you can Tap with us every week or 24/7 with our video library, it’s just as important to be able to Tap the moment you’re triggered.

But without an EFT practitioner guiding you… What do you say?

Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” thing to say to yourself when Tapping. The most important thing is to SAY WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. The following statements generally create a good flow for an EFT Tapping session:

1. Practice acceptance of your issue and what you’re feeling, thinking or experiencing.

Example: “I accept that I don’t know what to say while I Tap!”

2. Recognize and accept the resistance that comes up.

Example: “If I did know what to say, I would use EFT more. But then I might change too quickly and not recognize myself.”

3. Use transition statements toward what you would rather be experiencing.

Example: “I’m open to being intuitively guided while I Tap and process.”

4. Use positive affirmations to choose what you want to experience.

Example: “It’s possible that I can do this.”

EFT Tapping is a life-saving and life-giving tool anyone can benefit from. The power to change your life is in your own two hands. With EFT, you can literally change your responses to life.

What have you found coming up while you Tap? Tell us in the comments below so we can help you!

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